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Being a business that needs to make appointments daily is not easy. Customers often don't know for themselves when they have time. And you, being an entrepreneur, got much to do anyway. That's why we take care of your scheduling.

What is appointer for your customers?

appointer's core is it's self-learning software, that is able to find appointments within seconds. It's aware of free and blocked times of all involved users, as well as general knowledge of users' scheduling behaviour. Every time someone uses our platform, we are able to improve the system even more - especially because there is a platform for personal use, too.

But how about you?

appointer is a versatile companion for all those who make appointments. appointerbusiness is a solution developed especially for entrepreneurs and service providers, which often have to find deadlines with customers. appointerbusiness is more than just an automated booking platform that enables your customers to find appointments according to your specifications. It also allows you to interact proactively with your customers - perfect for long-term customer loyalty.

key feature set


Arrange appointments independently

appointer puts the appointment process into the hands of your customers. appointer enables them to find appointments with you independently via our private customer platform. Appointment determination is as simple and efficient as possible. And the more active a customer is, the better we can find perfect appointments.

Follow-up appointments, simplified

Follow-up appointments can also become a real challenge. So how about you just offering your customers an appointment immediately which meets both - your criteria and the customer's availability. It will most likely be a good match! With appointer the suitable follow-up appointment is just a click away.



Your customer has not yet been to an annual check-up this year? 
With appointer you can define rules with which you are able to better evaluate the booking behaviour of your customers and even automatically remind the customer of such appointments. Of course, a possible date is suggested to the customer directly.

Manage your schedule

We offer you an independent calendar system that you can use on all platforms. (iOS, Android, Apple Computer, Windows). This means that your appointment calendar is mobile and your employees can view their upcoming appointments at any time.